2023 League Information

Tuesday Night Ladies Starts May 9th  

Wednesday Night Mens Spring League

*Important information regarding Spring League sign up process. All 2022 teams will have priority registration for the spring league starting April 1st-16th, 2023. After April 16th, 2023, teams that were apart of Fall League in 2022 will have priority registration for any remaning spots From April 17th-23rd, 2023. If there are any remaining spots left  any 2-man teams that were not apart of any league in 2022 will be entered in a lottery drawing that will take place April 24th, 2023 in the pro shop. If you want to have your name entered in the lottery for any remaining spots, please enter your team starting April 1st, 2023 in the pro shop.

Starts May 10th  

Men's Fall League


Starts August 23rd