Adult Lessons

Private Golf Lessons

PGA Class A Professionals

1 Person 1/2 Hour $55
1 Person 1 Hour $100
2 People 1 Hour $60 each
3+ People 1 Hour $50 each

Playing Lessons (9 Holes) $160

Corporate Clinics - $200 per Hour per Instructor
(Minimum 8-1 student to teacher ratio)

Year Long Programs

Ladies Clinics
Taught By: Katie Somers, PGA

March 14th:
Iron Work

April 4th:
Chipping Technique

May 2nd:
Putting Methods

May 16th:
Rules, Ediquette,
and Wine

June 20th:
Sand Play

July 25th:
Woods & Hybrids

Aug. 15th:
On Course

Sept. 12th:
Callaway Fitting

Oct. 10th:
On Course

Oct. 24th:
End of the Year
Driving Range
Wine & Mimosa

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10 Ladies Max

10 Ladies Max

March 14,
April 4
May 2, 16
June 20
July 25
Aug. 15
Sept. 12
Oct. 10, 24


Spring Programs

4 Week Women's Spring Academy
Taught By: Katie Somers, PGA
March 31st: Irons, Woods, Hybrids
April 7th: Chipping Practice
April 14th: Putting Practice
April 28th: On Course Experience

$190 Per Lady

8 Ladies Max

Summer Programs

Men's Summer Clinics
Taught By: Henry Bernard PGA Associate

July 13th:




July 20th:




July 27th:
Putting Methods




$40 Per Clinic

8am Clinic

6pm Clinic

8 Men Max

Fall Programs

5 Week Women's Fall Academy
Taught By: Katie Somers, PGA
September 1st: Irons, Woods, Hybrids
September 8th: Chipping Practice
September: 15th: Sand Play
September 22nd: Putting Practice
September 29th: Callaway Fitting

$225 Per Lady
5 Weeks
Sept 1 - Sept. 29
8 Ladies Max


Men's Fall Clinics
Taught By: Henry Bernard
Sept. 9th: Full Swing                 Sept. 14th: Chipping                Sept 30th: Putting (9am Only)

Sept. 10th: Full Swing                  Sept. 16th: Chipping               Oct. 1st: Putting



$40 Per Clinic
9am or 5pm Class

8 Men Max
Women's Fall Clinics
Taught By: Henry Bernard
Oct. 14th: Full Swing          Oct. 22nd: Chipping (10am Only)      Oct. 27th: Putting

Oct 16th: Full Swing                 Oct. 23rd: Chipping               Oct. 28th: Putting

$40 Per Clinic
10am or 5pm Class

8 Women Max

Master's Week Sip and Chip
Improve your chipping skills while enjoying a drink on the house!
Must be 21 to participate
Taught By: Henry Bernard
November 9th                             November 11th                      November 13th



$45 Per Clinic
4pm Start

8 People Max

*Dates and Times Subject to Change